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As winter is coming soon, many I believe hardly can get out from their bath tub while taking a hot, relaxing bath in the morning Probably might takes more than an hour though. However, for those of us in need of help, there is the Eco Showerdrop that might help you solve it.

Acting as both a water measurer and timer, the ECO Showerdrop is programmable so once you hit the water limit you’ve set for yourself, like a good friend - or a Water Watcher - it beeps at you until you quit. If you keep showering, the device calculates how much water you’re using until you’re guilted out of the shower.

The extra cool part is it can be made specific to your shower. Different showers use different amounts of water. The Eco Showerdrop can read how much water your specific showerhead is releasing. So a water saver shower head means longer showers.

Currently for sale in the UK, it runs about $20-$24 and works universally on all showers.

Jump in here and start saves more water and most importantly your money during this coming cold weather
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