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For those who loves to have an iPhone applications from Smule fortunately can do so when Smule has released the Sonic Vox, something that will bring even more fun.

Sonic Vox has no flame to play with, but you can have some fun playing with your voice. This isn’t some application where you record your voice, and the Sonic Vox distorts it on the playback. The Sonic Vox will distort it in real-time.

All you need to do is set the pitch and the level of echo effect on the touchscreen. You can then make yourself sound like someone like Gollum. It reminds me of the Optimus Prime voice changer toy, but without the blue mask.

According to Smule, they say the Sonic Vox can work from phone to phone, but my source says that it does not work that way. However, if a Sonic Vox iPhone is hooked up to a speaker, MacBook, or boom box, then you can still have lots of fun channeling your inner James Earl Jones.

So if you want to have fun playing with your voice, then you can shell out 99 cents to the App store for the Sonic Vox.

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