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Peering at the pyramids is just a finger swipe away

The virtual globe makes its first outing into the mobile world as the popular Google application arrives for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Far from a scaled down young pretender to the desktop Google Earth application, which incidentally has racked up 400 million downloads since it was released three years ago, the iPhone and iPod Touch version includes its own unique features to appease the portable public.

Embracing the loveable functionality of Apple touchscreen offerings, you can zoom into a landmark in an iPhone browser fashion, by pinching your fingers together. Tilting your phone also adjusts your viewing angle courtesy of the built-in accelerometers.

A more than nifty little add-on called 'My Location' enables you to see geo-located Panoramio photos from your current position, should you find yourself on a crammed Oxford Street, or in the more spectacular surroundings of snow capped mountains in Utah.

It's free to download from the iTunes apps store from today, so for the Phileas Fogg types constantly hit by the sightseeing bug, you can now zip across to the Himalayas on your bus ride home from work.

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