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Here are the steps we followed to get past the initial setup without having an activated SIM card. (Note: You will need a friends activated T-mobile SIM card for only a couple of minutes - data charges may apply.)

Insert friends activated T-mobile SIM into G1 along with battery
Power on and wait for setup screen
Go through setup process to link any Gmail account
Go to Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi Settings > Enable Wi-Fi
Connect to nearby Wi-Fi network if one is available
Optional: Stop the phone from syncing with Gmail account by going to Data Synchronization and unchecking Auto-sync, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts
Once done, take out friends SIM card and insert unactivated SIM that came with G1

If you already have T-mobile service, you should be able to pop your SIM right in and get going.

That's all you need to do in order to get the G1 up and running without having to tie yourself down to a 2-year contract
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